Alarmed by the declining manners of the world around her, MQ, an etiquette addict, decided to share her gift turning faux pas into real politeness (without having to say “bless her heart” to make it okay.)

As a child, MQ had an imaginary friend named Emily Post. They had proper tea parties, took turns paying the check, and never discussed religion or politics at the table. She imagined having play dates with Dear Abby’s kids, giving advice to wayward souls who weren’t told that the fork goes on the left, and showing the world that everyone can be chivalrous.

Modern life is not so cut and dry, and sometimes, knowing how to handle a situation is not as easy as looking it up in a book. MQ gives real world advice in a polite way without holding back.

She’s learned that some people will always be offended, no matter how politely they are treated. In some cases, all anyone can do is say, “Don’t let the barn door hit you on the way out.”

She invites you to send her questions about manners and etiquette. She will do her best to answer you with practicality, graciousness, and a whole lot of Southern charm.